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We have done our best to make it as easy as possible for you! Yes, we are using the best in technology, NEW and well optimized servers to ensure the reliability and uptime as we don’t want you to inherit other people problems, just as we don’t want that.  We have implemented full automation to provision the server immediately upon your order to not waste your time in waiting, we definitely understand time is money and want nothing more than your success.


We Keep Your Website Up and Running!

That’s right, we’ll do our best to keep your website up and running as we understand that it’s not just a website, it’s your business and should always be up. This is the very exact reason we have invested in all new equipment to maximize uptime and minimize the equipment failures and unwanted maintenance.

Who We Are

Allied Services Group, LLC. specializes in full-service Internet services, Intranet and interactive solutions such as specialized video production. With state of the arts technology in providing unparalleled Internet Services. We are located in San Fernando Valley, CA. Our Servers are located in the Tier IV Los Angeles based Data Centers. We are unique team of experts with state of the art technology & creative team, marketing experience, customer service, and well seasoned Internet background.

Web Hosting Skills based on our clients testimonials

Professionalism 100%
100% Complete
Servers Management 100%
100% Complete
Customer Support 100%
100% Complete
Server Optimization 100%
100% Complete
Web Development 100%
100% Complete


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