How to transfer your website

How to transfer your website

How to Transfer Your Website to AlliedHosting?


We’d like to make transferring your website over to AlliedHosting as easy as possible. You can either transfer your site over yourself as long as familiar and comfortable, or you can take advantage of our website content transfer service.


AlliedHosting offers FREE content transfers (content migrations) for new accounts, we are committed to making it easy to transfer your site to your new hosting account. We can transfer website files, databases and scripts.


What qualifies you for a FREE transfer?


AlliedHosting provides a limited number of FREE transfers from other hosting providers, which is only for new accounts within 30 days of signup and have committed for annual hosting. For your free transfer, please open a support ticket and request your website transfer assistance.


If you have already used your free transfer (or if you are outside of the 30 day window) and you would still like to have AlliedHosting move your content for you then simply open a support ticket and one of our support team staff will provide you with a quote for the transfer.


Note: Free migration services are only offered for “as-is” transfers of website content and data with no updates to the site configuration, aside from database connection details. Copying an existing site to a new domain or changing the URL of an existing site would NOT be free.


Example: WordPress must be configured for the location it is installed to. Transferring a WordPress site from to, or to would require a reconfiguration in order for it to function after the migration, and would not be eligible for a free transfer.

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